About me

I am Tyler Garman, an indie game developer. I usually go by the username Trg601, and you will probably find me if you look up that name.
This website is a collection of my games.

About four years ago I was just starting to learn to program with Greenfoot.
My games on Greenfoot are very very bad so i'm not going to share them here, after greenfoot I tried various other things
Then I found Gamemaker by YoYogames. I have been programming with gamemaker for I think three years now, and I have definetely improved over those years.
I'm not too good with art, but I try to do some art for my games, I do some portraits and building drawings, I have a few on my DeviantArt.
Thankfully my sister is pretty good with art, so sometimes she helps me with the graphics for the games.

I barely ever finish games, and when I do they are only for the GMC jams. I'm going to try and change that though now.