The Sky Is Not Really On Fire

The Sky Is Not Really on Fire is easily my favorite game i've ever made. You shoot monsters, collect foods, run around and jump in portals!

And, you get a new RANDOM weapon every couple seconds!

Did I mention there are hats? Yeah, there are hats. Despite this game being so awesome it's actually far from done, There are many features yet to come, but I would love if you tried the game out! There is currently an *HTML5 IPad edition! (You play it on your browser)

I am working on a new version of this game, built entirely from scratch! Info page here.

Controls: Use the 'W'A'S'D' keys to move, Use mouse to aim, Left click to shoot, 'P' to pause, f10 to take a screenshot, escape to quit to menu, use mouse to navigate the menu.
Gamepad controls: Left Joystick to move, Right Joystick to aim, R1 or Right shoulder button to fire, START to pause, BACK to quit to menu. Same controls on menu, but you can also use A to click buttons.
Unfinished Wiki (Please help improve it!)

On Mobile Devices/Tablets make sure to save that as a start menu shortcut, or some features may be broken.
*IPad/IPod versions are experimental, and do not have all features implemented currently.